Employee Health Services

WORKNET provides, oversees and manages the Employee Health Services Department of several hospitals, long-term nursing care centers and employers. All services are customized to a client’s needs to ensure appropriate compliance with its policies.

  • Immunization and titer administration (hepatitis B, MMR, Tdap, varicella, influenza, etc.)
  • Tuberculosis screening (purified protein derivative test and/or blood testing options)
  • Physicals (pre-employment, Department of Transportation, return to work, hazardous materials, fit for duty, OSHA mandated, etc.)
  • Respiratory protection, respirator compliance (N95 mask) program
  • Blood borne pathogens program
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Committee participation (infection control, safety, sharps, etc.)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act

These services are available onsite or at one of our local centers.

Occupational medicine safety and peace of mind