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Work Injury and Illness Treatment and Management


WORKNET Occupational Medicine offers comprehensive treatment of employees who have sustained a work-related injury and illnesses.  Our providers understand the impact of indemnity and medical costs, plus other incentives impacting the worker’ compensation system. Early aggressive treatment, emphasis on return-to-work, and continued case management are all areas of focus.  In addition, we are aware of the impact certain medical activities have on an employer’s OSHA records.


WORKNET is equipped to handle all non-life threatening or non-limb threatening injuries or illnesses, including but not limited to:

  • Crush injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Sprains/strains
  • Eye injuries
  • Chemical exposures


Along with excellent medical treatment and management, communication and customer service is extremely important to WORKNET’s philosophy of work injury treatment and management.  Our exceptional clinicians will become familiar with each employer’s unique circumstances, often visiting places of employment to learn about the unique features of each business.  Communication is emphasized with all patients and client companies.


Services Include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries
  • Work Status Summaries provided to employer after each patient visit
  • In-house x-ray services
  • In-house pharmacy
  • In-house rehabilitation
  • FREE transportation service available for your employee to and from the work-site
  • Post-accident Drug and Alcohol testing
  • At the WORKNET clinic in Stratford, NJ, the Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Brahman Levy, is Board Certified and licensed to provide Medical Acupuncture.


*some services vary by location


The WORKNET clinic in Toms River, New Jersey now accepts patients seeking non-work related primary medical care. Additionally, the following insurance plans are accepted; Horizon, QualCare, and Integrity.



Transportation Services


WORKNET Occupational Medicine understands the impact of productivity and what an injury can do to that productivity.  WORKNET can help alleviate your loss in productivity by transporting injured workers to and from WORKNET.  Just call the center you wish to use and they will give you an estimated time of pick-up.


*service varies by location





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Post-Offer / Employment Physicals

As an employer, when you hire a new employee, you put a significant amount of stock in faith that the person will just “work out.” In order to best minimize risk, many employers have turned to WORKNET Occupational Medicine to perform post-offer medical testing on their new employees. Our providers will do all the necessary testing in order to determine if your candidate is the right fit for the essential functions of the job you are asking them to do. All the body systems are evaluated with a special focus on the musculoskeletal system and previous medical history. In all cases, a baseline will be documented and in some cases, medical conditions are discovered that may preclude the candidate from employment. Communication back to the employer will occur after the candidate has completed all components of testing.


Physical Ability Testing (lift testing)
Physical Ability Testing may be indicated in conjunction with the medical post-offer test. Physical ability testing is an objective measure designed to determine if your potential candidate is capable of performing the essential functions of the job. A trained professional will visit your site, evaluate the job(s), determine the essential functions, and develop a specific Physical Ability Test. At the time of testing, each candidate is also trained and evaluated on proper body mechanics.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

Federal regulations require drivers of certain vehicles to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination. Additionally, some states have regulations which require similar medical examinations. WORKNET can consult with you about what physical is needed, and when. Our WORKNET providers are highly trained and educated in the ever-changing rules and regulations governing the DOT physicals, and can medically assess your employees' ability to drive or operate equipment based upon these regulations. (We also perform DOT mandated drug testing.)

School Bus Driver Physicals

Some states require intrastate school bus drivers to undergo medical assessments. WORKNET physicians are very knowledgeable about School Bus Driver Physical Examinations. The purpose of the examination is to determine the physical and mental fitness of a person to operate a school bus safely. In addition to the physical, a Tuberculosis test may be required to ensure the driver is free and clear of this communicable disease.

Return to Work

After experiencing an injury or illness, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) permits employers to require return-to-work evaluations to determine if the employee is safe to return to their pre-injury position. By scheduling at any one of our clinics, you can feel confident that your employee will be fully evaluated and is safe to resume their pre-injury job.


Sometimes questions arise regarding an employee’s continued ability to perform their job safely. In contrast to return-to-work evaluations, a fitness-for-duty examination evaluates the ability of an at-work employee to safely perform their essential job functions on a continued basis. Working within the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act it may be determined perhaps another job can be better aligned with the current capabilities of the employee.

OSHA Mandated Medical Exams

WORKNET Occupational Medicine is fully capable of tailoring a testing protocol for your employees based upon the OSHA standards with regard to your specific workplace exposures. Some of the OSHA standards that mandate medical exams include: respirator, hearing, lead, asbestos, blood-borne pathogen and hazardous waste & emergency response. Medical testing required by the standards can be done at our network of locations.



Drug and Alcohol Services


WORKNET Occupational Medicine offers a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol program with the capability of working with any employer, in any region.  Our staff is experienced in designing testing programs, specimen collection, and providing assistance with daily questions and problems.  We meet or exceed all drug testing requirements established by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  We use Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-certified laboratories, ensuring the highest testing standard offered.  We employ our own Medical Review Officer and follow all regulations when reporting results.


Drug and Alcohol Policy Development
A written drug and alcohol policy explains an organization’s position on drug and alcohol testing and abuse, and highlights the consequences if the policy is violated.  A policy and its enforcement are essential to the success of a drug and alcohol program.  WORKNET can work with you to design a policy to match your organizations needs and wants.  Implementation of your Drug and Alcohol Program can also be coordinated through our organization via educational programs for your employees.


Drug and Alcohol Education
WORKNET can tailor drug and alcohol educational programs for your organization.  Whether it is to implement a drug and alcohol policy or to satisfy Federal DOT regulation on Reasonable Suspicion Training, WORKNET can help.  Our training programs are comprehensive, cost-effective and easy to understand.


Random Selection

WORKNET Occupational medicine can perform your random drug and alcohol selection and testing as required by the DOT or your company policy.  Our client companies can be confident in the federal compliance of both our DOT and non-DOT programs. You can be assured of the integrity and effectiveness of our program.  All results are handled confidentially with the Designated Employer Representative (DER).





WORKNET Occupational Medicine can offer a variety of immunizations to your employees. Some vaccinations such as Hepatitis B must be offered to certain employees as per OSHA regulations. Other vaccinations may be indicated due to your employees' unique workplace exposures like Tetanus or Rabies. Many vaccinations are preventative in nature and can be offered for the wellness of your workforce. All of our WORKNET offices offer seasonal influenza vaccinations as well.


Every year, WORKNET provides thousands of flu shots for employer sponsored flu vaccination programs. Please contact your local WORKNET representative about our onsite and clinic provided flu vaccination programs.



Travel Medicine


Some of our locations can offer vaccinations when you are planning an excursion to a different part of the country or the world.  Our staff and physicians are educated on the requirements of immunization for destinations all over the world and how you should protect yourself and your family.  Educational material will help prepare you for your trip, and your travel medicine doctor will determine your needs at your consult.  Please be advised, some vaccinations must be given up to 30 days prior to departure; thus, please schedule accordingly.



Wellness Programs


The impact of decreased productivity due to unhealthy lifestyles, as well as sky-rocketing healthcare costs have forced employers to take a preventative approach to the wellness of their employees.  WORKNET Occupational Medicine offers a menu of services and screenings which can assist in evaluating the health of your workforce.  From Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) to a variety of biometric screenings and education, WORKNET can partner with employers to develop a strategic program to get your employees on the road to wellness and higher productivity.



Employee Health Services


WORKNET Occupational Medicine provides, oversees, and manages the Employee Health Services department of several hospitals. The services provided include, but are not limited to:


1. Immunization Program Coordination (Hepatitis B, PPD, MMR, T-dap, Varicella, Influenza, etc.)
2. Pre-Employment, Return to Work, and Fitness for Duty Physical Exams, etc.
3. Respirator Compliance (N-95 mask) Program
4. Substance Abuse Testing
5. Committee Participation


These services are available onsite or at one of our local clinics to not only hospitals, but to other company clients as well.


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